I have been entrusting my care to Dr. Kathy S. Kaprinyak for approximately eighteen years. At 55 years old, I have encountered many Dentist in my life, and Dr. Kaprinyak, by far has been the best. Dr. Kaprinyak has provided me with cosmetic, preventative, as well as, emergency dental care. She has been very accommodating with my work schedule and is truly skilled in her profession. I always leave Dr. Kaprinyak's office feeling satisfied. I had a sister who was terminally ill and on coumadin medication, a blood thinner. My sister needed dental assistance and no other dentist would touch her. Dr. Kaprinyak provided my sister with the dental care she needed. Dr. Kaprinyak is not close to where I live but I travel the distance. Her office is warm, and inviting with soothing music in the background. I am truly grateful and appreciative of Dr. Kaprinyak.


I have been going to Dr. Kathy for the past 16 years and have always had friendly and great care. There have never been any problems and Dr. Kathy has always been meticulous with her work; perfect dentistry!


I went to Dr. Kathy 15 years ago for a second opinion and I have been with her since. She is very personable and has taken good care of my teeth. I always look forward to my dental appointments, which usually include something about Lakers basketball and current affairs. I like the jazz music as well.


What can I say? We go back 17 years and I've had a lot of work done, i.e. crowns etc. Your patient care and friendship has been great. I wish you continued success in your dentistry. One additional point you can share with others, over the years, some people have recommended other dentists for me to try. One does not change especially when one is happy! Well Kathy that is why our relationship as patient and dentist has lasted these past 17 years!

- Don

I had not been to a dentist in over 5 +years and it was only due to a dental emergency that I had to seek dental services. Your genuine nature and professionalism and overall compassionate attitude has totally changed my dental outlook. I am forever grateful.

- Bonnie