COVID-19 Enhanced Safety Protocols

We have always complied with strict OSHA-mandated protocols to maintain a highly sterile environment within our dental offices. These guidelines were created to safeguard against the spread of severely contagious diseases such as tuberculosis and measles, and they are equally effective in managing the spread of influenza and the coronavirus. In response to the current pandemic, we have augmented our safety protocols. The safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority.

  • Patients are screened for COVID-19 risk factors and pre-existing conditions when scheduling and upon arrival and asked to reschedule if risk factors are present. Patient temperatures are taken at check-in as a further screening precaution, and they are required to sign a COVID-19 Treatment Consent Form.
  • Common areas (lobby, restrooms, door handles, break rooms, hallways) are cleaned every 30 minutes with disinfecting wipes and aerosol spray. Pens and clipboards are wiped after each patient use, and all magazines and books have been removed from lobbies and operatories.
  • Patients are the only member in the office during treatment times. Family and friends are asked to wait outside.