Teeth Whitening

Pining away for Hollywood worthy pearly whites? Lighten your teeth up to seven shades with a personalized at home bleaching kit!

    • Safe alternative to drugstore bleaching.
    • Minimal or no sensitivity due to desensitizing agents in Opalescence Whitening Gel.
    • As opposed to in office one hour whitening procedures ,whose results may wear away in a short time (6-8months), with whitening trays you have the option of whitening again; without having to pay another $500-600.
    • Opalescence whitening products have actually been shown to increase enamel hardness and reduce cavities.
    • Over the counter and laser whitening tend to only whiten anterior teeth while whitening trays cover all teeth.
    • With an at home tray the dentist and yourself have control over the strength of the whitening gel; which gives control over results and chance of side effects. teeth.
    • Custom fit mouth trays optimize bleaching results and minimize the amount of wear time; due to the precise tooth to bleach contact.
“Many thanks for your thoughtful follow-up phone call (and world class work on my teeth!)¬† Grateful¬† to be your patient.”
Vanessa R.